Client Services


Both professionally and personally, one of my greatest passions is people. I thoroughly enjoy having the opportunity to build relationships with clients that extend beyond Prim; it’s really cool living in a big small town where I can occasionally bump into clients outside of work and continue the conversation as if I’ve known them for a long time.

My passion for people is thoroughly demonstrated at Prim, as I am most complimented on the positive and outgoing attitude that I always strive for. So, if you’re wondering what my ideal client is…it’s the client that I can be friends with.

In addition to my time spent at Prim, I have discovered that I am extremely passionate about neuroscience and as such, I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science at the University of Lethbridge, majoring in (you guessed it) neuroscience. I love every minute of it; we are so blessed to live in a community with such an excellent university that provides so much opportunity for undergraduate research. Further, because of my involvement at the university, I have also grown fond of non-profit community involvement, and as such, I contribute many hours each week to various volunteer-oriented organizations.

When I do take time for myself, I enjoy spending time with the people I love—whether it be family or friends—around a dining room table, enjoying good food, and an even better bottle of wine.