What are you most complimented on in your work?

Most people compliment my gentle touch! Also my attention to detail and the massages I give.

Who is your ideal client? 

People who are curious and wanting to learn more! I love when people ask questions during services, I always want clients to feel comfortable and informed with the treatments they’re receiving. It also leads to great conversations. 

How long have you been working in your field?

I am fresh out of school. I studied Clinical Aesthetics at Purely Inspired for one year and have been at Prim since end of April 2019.

What are you passionate about professionally? Personally? 

Professionally I am passionate about always learning and improving in my job. Skincare is one of my main passions and I am constantly researching new products, ingredients, and treatments so that I can give my clients the best quality service. It’s so important to keep up with the times and learn more and more about your field of work, this industry is always evolving!

Personally I am passionate about my family, stray cats, and cereal. If I’m not at work, I’m probably doing something that involves at least one of these things :)

What would you do even if you got paid?

Facials for sure. I love doing facials and extractions.

What is your biggest accomplishment prof or personally? 

Professionally it would be going through a year of aesthetic schooling and being able to land a job right when finishing school. A lot of people didn’t think I should go into this industry because of the perception they have on it, but i love what I do. It’s so great being excited to go to work everyday.

Personally my biggest accomplishment goes along with my professional accomplishment. Being able to benefit my friends and family with my skills and talents has been amazing and fun.