Jerilyn Koliaska


What are you complimented most on in your work?


I would say human resources.  I love people and I truly care about my staff


Who is your ideal client?


I don't perform services at Prim so I will talk about our clients as a whole.  When I started Prim my vision was to inspire and build people up. People need a place to go where they feel safe.  A place where they can feel like they have a group of friends supporting them. That's our team.  If you are in need of a pick me up come to Prim.  Our goal is to have you walking out feeling better then when you came in.


How long have you been working in your field?


I graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Management.  I worked at Farm Credit Canada for five years and my job brought me to Lethbridge.  When i met my husband he saw my passion for people and seeing beauty in their hearts so he encouraged me to start my own business.  We started Prim in December of 2010 and I have been working here ever since.  I still have passion for Agriculture and business in general.  My husband owns JK Trucking.  As my kids continue to become more independent I would love to grow Prim.  I am also fascinated with transportation and would love to get more involved there as well.


What are you passionate about prof? and personally?


Hands down professionally and personally i love to see people grow.  I believe in the human race.  We all have treasure inside of us and I love chatting with people about their triumphs and struggles in life (real talk).  If I have a chance to build you up and encourage you I will. I believe in you even if I don't know you.  Also personally I would say my family is everything.  I grew up with three older sisters and they are still my best friends.  My husband, two step daughters and two little boys are my number one priority.  I love creating traditions and just creating a home where everyone wants to be together.  We need each other.


What would you do even if you didn't get paid?


I'm pretty sure I'm doing it lol


What is your biggest accomplishment?


Hands down my kids.  I would also say my marriage.  I won't pretend it's easy but we have been married for eight years and we are continually growing and choosing each other, I love that.  Earlier in life I was the valedictorian of my grade 12 class.  That was a big accomplishment for me.  I love to lead and felt privileged to represent those special people.