Born and raised in southern Manitoba I graduated with a Degree in Agribusiness Management. With a love of cute business clothes and numbers I started a career with Farm Credit Canada.  My career moved me to Southern Alberta where I got married and am growing my family. 

Owning a salon and working with and leading woman was always my passion.  In our current world where stimulated ideas, new opportunities, and innovative minds are so openly welcomed the only thing standing in the way was myself.  With my husbands support and encouragement I took the leap and changed my career.

Six and half years later, Prim has been a salon and spa located by Costco.  We started out with zero clients and have grown into a recognizable brand in Lethbridge. Running and operating a business can have it's ups and downs.  The number one lesson I have learned about taking risk is staying focused.  There were many times where it seemed easier to look over the fence and think about the comfort and security I had left behind. While waist deep in fear and doubt i always remember my parents drilling in me that success lies beyond our comfort zone.  We achieve our goals by stretching our capabilities and skills.  We need to go beyond what we know in order to grow.  If we don't do anything different, things will never change.

May 2nd our doors open for our new location near the casino.  Leaving behind our large beautiful space is probably one of the hardest decisions I have made.  In a market with low interest rates, continuing to lease did not make sense for Prim.  We are moving to a new beautiful space I love.  It's important to not fear change.  Instead I'm excited for the new brand and all of the possibilities ahead.

Prim was not created to just be a place to get your hair or nails done, instead it was created to give an experience.  The team at Prim is what makes up Prim. Not me, not the space, or the location.  Yes we work in the beauty industry, but beauty is not defined by hair or facial features, but rather the acceptance of individuality.  The girls are there to encourage and help you look and feel beautiful.  That is their passion and that's what creates a fabulous Prim experience.

If you want to achieve great things, step out of your comfort zone.  At the end of it all we have all the things we actually did, and all the things we wished we had. Take the leap of faith and believe in yourself.